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Taking You Outdoors

​Outbound Adventure is an outdoor education, adventure and outdoor activity and training company run by André Morris. Outbound Adventure’s philosophy is to get people outdoors where they can learn about and enjoy nature, have adventures and experience a world vastly different from the busy trappings and stresses of the city of a classroom or boardroom.
At Outbound Adventure we want people to experience the variety
that is available in our backyard, and appreciate and preserve it. We run fun trips as well as outdoor education and training experiences, camps and expeditions. Our emphasis is on hands-on experience where learning is a priority and everyone pitches in to make it a success. Outbound Adventure’s outdoor management development has been extremely successful with more and more corporate groups finding excellent value in its experiential programs.


Professional Adventurer

Andre Morris is the founder and Director of Outbound Adventure. He is very well-known in the adventure tourism business and is currently the President of ATOM - The Adventure Tour Operators Association of Maharashtra. He began his involvement with the outdoors as a teenager, who spent every spare moment exploring the hills around Pune where he grew up. He has explored the Western Ghats extensively and knows many areas like the back of his hand. For the first half of his working career he expanded and established an international youth program, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Programme (now International Award for Young People), in Western India. Besides training thousands of young people in the outdoors over the years, Andre was head of the India Training team and an International trainer for the Award programme and has trained leaders in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. 
In 1988 he started his own outdoor education and adventure company Outbound Adventure, with the aim of expanding the scope of outdoor activities well beyond the basic trekking programs that were available. Since then Andre has been taking groups out on expeditions, run adventure programs and courses, using the outdoors as an aid to learning and self-discovery. In the last twenty years Andre has expanded the scope of the company’s outdoor programs, which now also specializes in experiential learning, corporate management training, and team-building activity to suit every corporate entity, age group, and interest.
Andre has travelled to and been involved in outdoor experiences around the world from India to the West Indies. He has spent time studying outdoor centres in the UK, USA and Canada to understand the different approaches to using outdoor training for individual growth and development. Besides his obvious passion for adventure and the outdoors, he has an intense passion for the natural environment and history (in which he has a Master’s degree, and was once a lecturer). He is particularly interested and well-versed in the history of rock-cut architecture in India. Andre is also an amateur bird-watcher. he loves travelling to new places and savoring different environments and cultures and then offering newer destinations to his clients. 
Writing about the outdoors is another of Andre’s interests. He has written for and provided photographs on adventure and other travel for many media houses. He has contributed to Outlook Traveller’s guides, including their very popular 52 Weekend Breaks from Mumbai. Andre is the author of the Western India section of Outlook’s Trekking Holidays in India book. Some of which can be seen here.  
Andre is assisted by an indispensable group of outdoor enthusiasts and other professionals. He has a keen eye for assessing individual strengths and weaknesses and has been involved in evaluating individuals for qualities of leadership and personal skills, in order to gain an insight into how they may be likely to work with others within the company or perform in unknown markets.



Andre is very passionate about running team-building programs as well as organizing and guiding people on various hikes, treks, trips, and expeditions. Get in touch with him if you have any questions, or to arrange a trip now.

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