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Camp 1 - Wed 24th April to Mon 29th April 2019
Camp 2 - Mon 29th April to Sat 4th May 2019

AREA: Lonavla-Kurvandhe. The group will be based at Commanders Place, Kurvandhe and will make some day trips to different places for various activities. Commanders Place is an ideal campsite with plenty of opportunity for outdoor activity and adventure, a great place for groups.

FINANCE: Rs.18,500/-  (Eighteen Thousand Five Hundred Only) per head which will include travel, catering, accommodation, use of special technical gear, and all applicable taxes. Only personal expenses not included.

ACTIVITIES: These will include a selection from a whole spectrum of outdoor activities ranging from  archery, rock climbing and rappelling, fire lighting and safety, tenting, craft and creativity, compass work and orienteering, camp-craft, baseball, assault courses, to tracking and trailing, treasure hunts, Tyrolean traverses, hikes, crafts, unique games and lots more. We also hope to create an environmental awareness in our campers by bringing them closer to nature and making them interact with the outdoors as well. If the conditions are right we will have an astronomy and star gazing session with high powered telescopes and expert astronomers.

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Engage With The Natural World



Outbound organizes and runs multi-day adventure camps during the summer and winter vacations, as well as during other longer holidays such as the Diwali break. These adventure camps are usually around the Sahyadris, not far from Mumbai, and are based at an established campsite or camping location from where we make day trips to lakes, forts, or climbing crags for different activities. These are not boot camps. They are group oriented where you learn to give and take. Many young people become regulars, coming back year after year and making many new friends and acquaintances


Many other activities are run in campsite itself. Activities range from pitching your own tents, to learning basic knots and rope work, team-building challenges, archery, canoeing and kayaking, fire lighting, basic rock climbing and rappelling. Fun outdoor games like patax, camp baseball and foxtail are an exciting part of the day's routine.



Exploration of nearby forts and hills and interacting with the environment is an integral part of the experience. Campers are sensitized to understand the relationship between the environment and all the creatures and plant life that exists in it.


All camping trips are customized to meet your needs, but are also dependent on factors such as location and weather. 
• Basic outdoor familiarization courses
• Adventure activity courses
• Hiking and exploration of historically important sites and forts

• Single event/activity or combination trips

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  • Minimum group size – 15.

  • Quality over quantity. It is advisable to keep the group size under 35, to get the most out of the trip.

  • All trips are customized to meet the needs of a particular group or school.

  • Slide show, talk, and Q&A sessions with participants/teachers/parents, can be arranged if requested

  • The setting for a venture can vary from a base camp with basic amenities to a wilderness location. 

  • Costs vary and depend on many factors –  destination, mode of travel, season, group size, special requests, and activities organised.