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Looking for a fun outdoorsy holiday? Our trips always take into consideration the needs of clients, whether it's a group of students, a bunch of friends looking for an adventure together, or a family looking to spend some time together outdoors. We organize and run a variety of activities that can be planned and customized to meet your goals and capabilities. Activities are dependent on location. Level of complexity can be varied to suit each group.


Outbound Adventure has been organizing and running  multi-day adventure camps during the summer and winter vacations, for decades now. Camps are group oriented and a lot of fun. Put together your own group of 15 people and we'll plan a trip exclusively for you.

Travel off the beaten track into actual jungles and wilderness locations with us. Experience true raw nature as you never have before. Appreciate the sights, listen to the sounds. Experience a complete digital detox as you pull away from your screens and headphones and become a part of nature.



Looking for an adventure for your family, friends, colleagues, club, or any group at all? We specialize in creating customized camping trips that take into consideration all your special requests. We'll design a camping trip and take care of all the logistics and planning, so you don't have to.

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