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The Hills Are Alive...


The Western Ghats and especially the Sahyadris is a unique biodiversity hotspot. It's a favourite hiking ground for a whole plethora of outdoor enthusiasts, whether you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for that pinnacle to climb or peak to summit or abseil down, or your passion lies in the variety of birds or wild animals that are unique to this part of the country. There are snakes and a variety other reptiles, plus insects and frogs to discover on your hikes. If you're lucky you may also encounter deer, wild boar, civet cats, porcupine or the elusive giant Malabar squirrel on your walks through the jungles of the Western Ghats. Besides this exciting biodiversity there is also plenty of history, culture, and unique natural phenomena in the region. There are plenty of opportunities to pursue these interests and wanderlusts while also seeing and learning a little bit more each time you come out with us.

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We'll fit a hike into your schedule, to a region you want to discover. If exposure to other cultures and interacting with local people is what you are keen on, then a hike into the hills of the Western Ghats is for you. Outbound Adventure will plan and take care of as many details as you choose: from planning the perfect itinerary to providing a meal if you want one, we're the experts on this region. It is after all our backyard.

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There is no minimum group size for a hike in the Western Ghats. We'll customize a walk for you based on date, season, time available, location, interests and areas you want to cover, and level of ease/difficulty and fitness you prefer. Call or send us an email once you know your preferred dates and numbers.    

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